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Country: Kenya

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fApps IT Solutions
Founded By Rees Alumasa Current votes: 10
fApps IT Solutions is a tech startup based in Nairobi Kenya. fApps was registered in January 2022, following the success of some fo the projects developed by the founder, Rees Alumasa ( A final year Informatics & Computer Science Student at Strathmore University). fApps has since then been focusing on using modern technologies to automate business processes for its clients. One of the successful projects is fApps WMS, an inventory solution that was adopted by several telco comapnies in Kenya. At the moment it has recorded over 35,000 usages by technicians at different customer sites. fApps is also working on a health project that combines 4 of it's projects into 1, i.e 1. iDonate - A block-chain enabled blood bank information system. 2. Baraka MedDrones - Drone shipping service that specializes in delivery of medical products to pharmacies and health facilities. 3. fApps EHR - Electronic Health Record information system. 4. fApps Dawa - Pharmacy information system, with e-commerce integration. This projects aims to addressing some of the challenges in the health sector such as emergency response e.g. using MedDrones for quick delivery of medication or iDonate to help individuals or health facilities to track nearest location of preferred blood types, among other use cases. fApps has in general worked on 12 main projects and several side projects whose categories have been documented in the projects document attached. fApps projects have mostly been around health and education sector. fApps is determined to develop it's solutions around UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Employees at fApps enjoy the privillege of being shareholders in projects that they have worked on. fApps targets to provide employment opportunities to over 100 youths in 2023 internally and develop products that can further create employment opportunities for over 10 times the by the end of the year 2023. fApps is determined to give back to the community by reaching out to needy families in various parts of the country, especially during the festive season and providing them with basic needs. 5% of the revenue generated by fApps projects in 2023 onwards will be set aside for this project. fApps also wishes to provide free training in software development to high school graduates, and providing scholarships to those who excel in the final projects. fApps is also determined in promoting environmental conservation and has a plan of conducting tree planting activities every quater countrywide and cleaning activities in select areas within Nairobi.
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