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Country: Kenya

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Founded By Amos Onyonka Current votes: 463
Finda as a company aims to embrace technology in solving problems that are faced by the society hence in long term to solve the unemployment crisis in Kenya and beyond. This started in the year 2020 when we developed a mobile application by the name Finda and this is our first product. Finda as a mobile application is a platform that enables the society to quickly and easily locate the most trusted and reliable products and services near them across Kenya. This app provides the user with all the first-hand information that they need very fast about a given company, institution, business or events. This has impacted the lives of many since one can get to know all the information about a given shop, company or institution around them from the comfort of their internet-enabled gadgets before they go there physically to purchase what they want. Finda app has also helped the society in that those who are new in a particular county can get to connect to the most trusted products and services by seeing what the businesses offer and contact them instantly for more information. Finda app has really increased trustworthness amongest the people in that they now know that all the products and services that are hosted in the Finda app are from trusted businesses and companies that offer genuine products and services. Currently we have majored in Kisii and Kisumu counties and we are soon covering the whole of Kenya so that the society can be connected to the most trusted products and services around them this being our vision.
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